“Say What You Mean (Your Everything)” now live!

Check out “Say What You Mean (Your Everything),” now in the soundcloud section! 

“Say What You Mean (Your Everything)” is an electro-pop ballad written to flip the script on what it means to be “the woman” in a relationship. In so many pop songs over the years (or decades), we’ve heard women represented as these elusive creatures who don’t ever say what they want outright, much to the chagrin of their male suitors. I don’t really care for this representation. I am also surrounded by many honest, empowered women who are absolutely not afraid to say what they need to say.   

This song tells the story of an honest, determined woman in love with a person who can’t seem to be vulnerable with her. It is a narrative not about a person who “needs” another, but about one person imploring her partner to be better and help build their relationship stronger. With a touch of sweet nostalgia in the verses, and a strong, impassioned appeal in the chorus, this song bounces to a happy pop beat while encouraging the listener to think a little deeper about the importance of honesty and vulnerability in relationships.

Alyssa Wendzel